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How to Install LED Strip Lights

October 07,2022

Step 1: Cut LED Strip to Length

Determine the length you need and cut the strip through the copper contacts. It’s important to cut right on this line to maintain the connection.Custom Led Acrylic Neon Signs Light

Step 2: Connect the Cable

Connect the wires to the strip with a solderless clamp. Push the strip into the short end of the clamp, then match the colored wire with its corresponding letter on the LED strip at the other end of the clamp. They may not be in the same order so you may have to do some rearranging. Pinch the clamp tight, no need to strip the wires.

Step 3: Attach the Controller

The controller gives you the ability to change the color or dim the lights. If you’re are using color-changing lights, you need a controller. Strip the colored wires and align each with the corresponding port in the controller. Tighten the screw to clamp them into place.

Step 4: Mount the Lights

Peel away the adhesive backing and stick them wherever you need light. If the lights won’t be completely hidden, use an aluminum channel. The channel is made to accommodate different sized LED strips and comes with a frosted lens that really give this combo a finished look.

Step 5:  Power Up the Lights

If you are adding LED strip lights to a 12-volt system like a trailer or car, you will connect the positive and negative 12 volt leads to the controller. If adding them to your home, plug a transformer into the controller, then the transformer into an outlet.