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How to choose suitable indoor lamps? must adhere to the "5 selected & 5 not selected"! Not nonsense, experience speaks

November 11,2022

Lamps are an important device to provide indoor lighting and create a living room atmosphere.

Choose the right one, can enhance the living comfort; choose the wrong one, both affect the experience and will bring trouble.

Indoor lamps must adhere to the "5 selected & 5 not selected", not nonsense, but real experience, worth to looking at. Choose simple models, do not choose complex models.

No need resourcing too many styles and types of lamps on the market, in fact, a general division, there are only 2: simple models and complex models.

Like ceiling lights, downlights, spotlights, track lights, this kind of lamps without main light, has simple shape, installed in the top surface, does not take up space and very beautiful.

And such lamps like chandeliers, crystal lamps, Rangoon lights, the design itself is complex, installed in the top pressure layer; accumulated dust after times, it is difficult to take care of.

If it is not a villa or a room with a height of more than 3 meters, it is not recommended to choose overly complicated lamps. A simple ceiling lamp, with downlight (spotlight) auxiliary lighting, save money and durable. Choose warm color lights, not cold color lights.


The color temperature of the luminaire determines the warmth and coolness of the lighting, which also affects the atmosphere of the room. The color temperature of the lamps on the market is generally concentrated in 2500K-5000K. 2500K is warm white, 3000K is yellow, 4000K is white, 5000K is bright white.

Daily living, choose the color temperature in 3000-4000K lamps and lanterns are most appropriate, soft, and comfortable light also meet the lighting; too high color temperature, although bright, but will bring a sense of coolness to the room. Choose a high color rendering, not a low color rendering.

Color rendering (Ra) represents the ability of the lamp to restore the color of the item. The higher the color rendering, the better the color reproduction, the more realistic the items under the light; the lower the color rendering, the poor color reproduction, the items under the light is easy to distort, long-term exposure, but also affect the eyes.

Of course, the higher the color rendering lamps, the higher the price, for ordinary home use, color rendering ≥ 80 is enough; if the budget is sufficient, you can choose color rendering ≥ 90 or 95, the effect is even better. Choose high luminance, not low luminance.

Lumens sound very professional; it refers to the brightness of the lamp. Obviously, home lighting lamps, the brighter the better, so the preferred high lumens lamps, lamps between 400-806 lumens, is a good choice.

Low lumens lights (between 220-360 lumens), on the other hand, are more suitable as auxiliary lighting for ambient lighting. Choose the right wattage, not blindly choose high wattage.

Many people think that the higher the wattage of the lamp, the better the lighting effect, in fact, this perception is wrong. Because the wattage only represents the flux of the lamp, it affects the energy consumption of the lamp at most, and brightness does not have much to do with the real impact of brightness, or lumens. Many businesses mislead consumers, using wattage instead of brightness, in fact, is to let you buy high wattage lights, spend more money! Therefore, do not blindly choose high wattage lamps and lanterns, to combine the actual situation, choose the right wattage.