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How to choose the suitable landscape lighting?

September 20,2022

Before choosing the landscape lighting, you should be known which types of landscape lighting are suitable for you. There are three types of landscape lighting, which all have different install methods:

1.) Solar landscape lights are powered by a photovoltaic cell that is charged during the day. They don’t require any wiring, making them the simplest to install. They require six to eight hours of direct sunlight a day to fully charge.

2.) Low voltage landscape lights are powered through a transformer that lowers the regular voltage down to 12-volts. These systems are safe to work with, energy efficient and easy to install and move.

3.) Line voltage landscape lights operate at High-volts, the same voltage as the appliances in your home. Line voltage lights are hardwired to your home’s electrical system with the use of an electrical junction box and a conduit that protects the wires. Due to the complexity of these systems, they’re best installed by a licensed electrician.


What are the advantages of solar landscape lighting and low voltage landscape lighting?

For the average home installer,solar and low voltage landscape lightinghas some huge advantages:

1.) Solar landscape lighting looks great and offers you convenient installation without having to worry about wiring. Since solar landscape lights don’t rely on an outlet for power, you can place them anywhere that gets good sunlight during the day.

2.) Safer to install than high voltage lighting options

3.) Safe to use in wet conditions

4.) Safe for pets, kids, and anyone that digs up the wires

5.) Does not require wires to be buried in conduit

6.) More energy efficient

7.) Easy to install because low voltage systems have no polarity (positive and negative wires)