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How to clean the lamps and lanterns in your home?

September 12,2022

Clean the lamps and lanterns in your home and pay attention to the types of lamps and lanterns. For metal cases, use an antistatic duster. For leather cases, use detergent carefully. Remember to power off first.

1) Clean light fixtures with white vinegar

Discover the lamps and lanterns in the home accumulate ash, cut off the power supply first, plug also unplug. Then use a small pot of water, add a few drops of white vinegar, stick wet towel to wipe clean. A bottle cap of white vinegar is enough.

2) Wipe the lights with computer cleaner

Brush desk lamp when this kind of small-sized lamps and lanterns, can shake with computer cleaner, direct gush to the surface of the lamp, reoccupy flannelette to brush gently. It dries fast and cleans well. If it is a large lamp, self-mixing alcohol solution can also be sprayed.

3) Dust the heavy lamps and lanterns first

If provide the ash on lamp metal surface is particularly thick, brush with wet dishcloth directly, not easy at a draught clean. At this time, can move the lamps and lanterns to the balcony, with anti-static duster dust surface. For lamps that cannot be moved, remove the furniture below and dust it.

4) Wring out the towel as much as possible

After towel is hit wet, want to twist forcibly before wiping lamps and lanterns dry. Otherwise finished, a volatilization of moisture, above will leave a lot of water stains, but also must wipe again.

5) Wipe in one direction

When using wet cloth to brush lamps and lanterns, want to brush along a direction, do not make a circle to come and go randomly wipe. After the water dries up, there will be watermarks on the surface of the lamps and lanterns, which look like flowers.

6) Remove light bulbs carefully

Lamp and so on lamp with light bulb, when cleaning inside, want to take care to take the lamp to brush again, do not be lazy and random wipe. If a light bulb falls loose, it will break.

7) Keep water out of the bulb connector

When cleaning, keep water out of the socket of the light bulb and the socket of the lamp. If it does, be sure to let it dry naturally before powering it on. Safety is the priority.