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How to install led neon lights?

September 30,2022

Materials: Stud finder, level, pencil, drill, measuring tape, screwdriver, screws, drywall anchors (as needed)


Choose where in the room and at what height you want to hang your neon sign. The optimal height for neon on walls, like a picture or painting, is 59 inches high from the ground. Use a level for evenness.


If necessary, consider using drywall anchors to provide extra structural support. Based on your neon’s styling (this may vary). For all contour and rectangle backing options, secure the included metal standoffs to your sign. Place the neon sign against the wall and use a pencil to mark standoffs before inserting the screws.


Next up, make the necessary pilot holes with your drill. Then, carefully use a screwdriver to drill the screws into the holes naturally found inside the barrel of each individual standoff, ensuring all are flush with the wall.


New Design Wall Lamp LED Neon Night Light SupplierCarefully position the neon sign against the wall. Secure the sign hardware to the front face of the plexi by gently tightening the inner screws by hand, paying close attention to the desired pressure needed to safely attach the sign to the wall.


Plug the power cord into a grounded wall outlet. Pull the chain found on the neon transformer and check to make sure the neon tube lights up.