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Tips for buying lamps?

November 11,2022

1、Living room space

To select lamps for living room need pay more attention to the appearance of the lamps shape, then we can choose suitable lamps according to the size of the living room space and decoration style. If it is a small living room space, we only need to choose a main light; while the large space can take a variety of lamps to create the atmosphere of the entire living room. The living room is an important place where families often meet their guests, to maintain adequate light. Most common lamps are: chandeliers + downlights + strip lights.


2、Bedroom space

Bedroom is where the owner sleeps and rests, the bedroom light is trends to dim, suitable for softer lighting, can make the owner feel emotional relaxation in the bedroom. The choice of bedroom lighting fixtures, we will generally warm, warm yellow as the tone, above the bed can choose embedded downlighting or wall lamp design, of course, can also be done in the decorative cabinet embedded downlighting design, to create a romantic, comfortable atmosphere for the interior.

3、Dining room space

Homeowners who choose dining room space lighting, I am recommended to choose warm lamps, such lamps can promote appetite, and lamps models is according to the shape of the dining table. Dining room is a square table, it is more suitable for chandeliers + lampshades; dining room is a round table, can be installed above the long line of chandeliers or in the ceiling to install auxiliary light sources, such as: hidden down light, of course, choose to be able to freely adjust the brightness of the wall lamp is also relatively good.


4、Kitchen space

Choose kitchen lamps need pay more attention to practical functionality lighting, will not take up kitchen space, so choose the cabinet with its own lamps will be better, we consider from the energy-saving aspects, then the lamps and lanterns do not need too much. Try to choose a warm light source, which will make the kitchen light is very beautiful, do not choose ceiling lights.

5、Study space

Study lamps are essential, in addition to the lighting of the headlamp, but also must have a desk lamp. Study must ensure there is enough reasonable reading lighting, I suggest that the study do not use direct lighting fixtures, we can do indirect light source lighting design around the ceiling, because if the light is direct, it will be easy to cause the owner visual glare, injury to the eyes.

6、bathroom space

(1) light brightness: incandescent will be more suitable for use in bathroom space, incandescent its advantages are fast start, short opening time, limited energy consumption. Incandescent light color temperature is more yellow, can bring warmth, especially in winter is particularly suitable to meet the needs of the bathroom warmth.

(2)lighting modeling:ceiling lights, wall lights will be more suitable for bathroom space, ceiling lights have the advantage of not taking up space, and easy to use; bathroom space lighting needs to pay attention to moisture, waterproof function, and the advantage of wall lights is that the shape can avoid the damage caused by water vapor on the lamps.