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The Luxsawy battery-operated wall light is one of the most cost-effective solutions available in addition to being a rather attractive piece of lighting. For those looking for a simple solution to add ambient lighting to their house, it gives a lovely warm white light output. With the included remote control, you can easily turn on or off this light and change the color to match your mood.

This is the finest available alternative if you're on a tight budget and want a reliable battery operated lights lamp for your house. You can rely on it to be a high-quality light for a very long time. You have a vast selection of colors and styles to choose from, so you're sure to find something that matches your taste. The sconce's size and build quality should be your primary concerns.

  • Kavyelamp


    A company called Kavyelamp sells battery wall lights that have a vintage style but look modern. Since they run on three AA batteries, each of which may last up to 24 hours, they also offer a respectable battery life. They also provide a 30-day warranty.

    This company is relatively young, and it mostly sells items with a contemporary aesthetic. Some customers might be a little let down by the fact that there is just one color available for this wall light. It does, however, come with 2 sconces and has a bright rating of 100 lumens.

    It lasts up to 8+ hours on the bright setting and up to 48+ hours fully dimmed, and it can be used to replace a regular 50W bulb. It also takes around two hours to recharge. It has a touch control on the back that you may use to switch between low, medium, and high modes of operation. By pressing the back of your wall sconce twice or three times, you can also change its color.

  • Westek


    Compared to conventional electric light fixtures, battery powered wall lights are a fantastic alternative. They are practical, secure, and economical.

    You can select a sconce that complements the design of your home by choosing from the many various kinds and sizes that are offered. Additionally, some wall lights that run on batteries feature in-built motion sensors that switch the light off when they detect movement.

    These sconces also have the benefit of being simple to install. They have a socket mount that can be attached to practically any wall and is included.

    The Westek sconce is among the top choices available in terms of dependability and toughness. Given that it produces 100 lumens of brightness, it is also extremely powerful.

  • LED Sconces

    LED Sconces

    Battery-operated LED sconces are wall lights that are available in a range of designs and hues. These lighting options, which can be used both indoors and outdoors, provide a novel replacement for conventional wall lamps.

    These are a fantastic choice for any place that need extra lighting. Using battery led strip lights rather than incandescent ones is an excellent method to save energy expenditures.

    Some wall sconces contain control features that let you adjust the brightness, select a different color, and set timers. They frequently also contain a remote controller for simple operation.

    You can create a style that exactly matches your decor because they come in a number of finishes and colors. They are also a wonderful choice for spaces like restrooms and vanities that have directed illumination.

Why choose Changsha Enlighten Battery operated wall lights?

  • High-Efficient Management Team

    Our company has always been committed to offering high-quality items and great service. Changsha Enlighten Lighting is a manufacturer of stunning luminaires customised led lights for both indoor and outdoor use. We also provide lighting solutions that are properly matched to all requirements.

  • Reliable Quality Assurance System

    We are particularly concerned about wall led goods' long-term quality and endurance. We have an adequate quality control system. Our inspector will thoroughly inspect the quality. We will check the product based on the raw material. Before packaging, our QC inspects the product using samples from previous batches.

  • Attention to Detail & Timely response

    We can give you the greatest wall lights items because we have a long history of manufacture. We are able to contact you right away because our sales team operates on the same schedule as you. We would be pleased to help you if you had any other queries.

  • Application of wall lights

    Wall lighting is one of the greatest modern outdoor wall lighting choices for areas where there is a high risk of slipping or falling, such as pathways and stairwells. They are utilized both outside and inside. We will show you how to make an outdoor wall lamp to help you get the perfect one for your home.

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