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Bulkhead pir light

Consider investing in a bulkhead pir light if you want to give your property some fashionable outdoor lighting or outdoor lighting near me. These lights are very useful, reasonably priced, and effective.

They are ideal for industrial settings because they are made to withstand heavy use and wear. They work well at illuminating frequently dark spaces with bright light.


Bulkhead pir lights are a hardy kind of lighting that can endure a lot of abuse. They can be used in commercial buildings and sizable outdoor spaces, but are frequently found in industrial settings. They are excellent for security because they give off a lot of light and deter thieves and vandals.

Bulkhead lights can be installed on a building's exterior to illuminate patios and garden paths at night, making them more welcoming and safe. They can be screwed to the wall and come in a variety of sizes and shapes.

Since LED bulkheads are so energy efficient and have a lifespan of up to 50,000 hours like in neon light signs, they are a fantastic alternative to traditional halogen lighting. Additionally, they can be equipped with sensors that determine whether to turn on or off the light based on who is nearby, saving owners money on their energy costs.

Some of the bulkhead pir lights in our selection have microwave sensors that turn the light on or off when someone approaches. These are especially helpful in locations where it might be necessary to quickly light up corridors or fire escapes.

Additionally, we offer some IP65 rated bulkhead lights that can be installed both indoors and outdoors because they are made to be dust and water resistant. These are ideal for garages, porches, and pathways at home and include a PIR sensor to help with security.

Many of our LED bulkheads are available in white or chrome polycarbonate and come in a variety of designs. They can be used in bathrooms and other indoor spaces where there is a high risk of water damage because they have an IP rating of 65, which means they are protected from water penetration. Additionally, they are very simple to install and can be taken out for maintenance without harming the appliance.

  • Versatility


    One of the most adaptable lighting options on the market are bulkhead pir lights. They are excellent for a variety of indoor and outdoor spaces, including warehouses, sizable industrial buildings, and underground parking lots thanks to their durable design and impressive lighting capability.

    Bulkhead pir lights can be used in your interior design to give your house a touch of personality and warmth. This is especially true for spaces that are monochromatic or minimalist.

    A bulkhead light is a good option in these situations because it doesn't take up much room and complements the rest of the interior without standing out. This is crucial if you're designing an entertaining space because you'll need to establish a stylish yet useful focal point.

    Bulkhead lights are suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications thanks to their sturdy, rounded design. They can be used to brighten a building's entranceway or add extra lighting to a bathroom or shower area with neon lights for room.

    You can pick the bulkhead pir light that best suits your requirements because they come in a wide range of designs and shapes. For instance, a variety of round and oval bulkhead lights are available.

    Some of these LED bulkhead lights have motion sensors as well, so when something moves nearby, they turn on automatically. Owners may be able to reduce their energy costs as a result.

    You can choose the ideal PIR motion sensor light for your space from a wide selection of styles, detection patterns, and mountings. They are also simple to install and come in a variety of sizes. Additionally, they can be used in conjunction with other functions like microwave sensors and three-hour emergency options.

  • Aesthetics


    Although bulkhead lights may seem like an odd style of lighting, they complement a nautical theme very well. They evoke feelings of being on a ship, and they blend in beautifully with both contemporary and vintage home designs!

    Bulkhead lighting is frequently thought of as an outdoor light, but there are several indoor options that can be used instead. They are perfect for spaces like the inside of a bathroom or shower cubicle where it is impossible to leave the light on outside. They are also a great option for drawing attention to specific elements in a dining room or kitchen.

    These LED bulkhead lights come in a range of sizes and shapes, and they are simple to install on any surface. You can design a look that works for you thanks to the wide variety of colors and clip-on rings available.

    The Lutec Titan, which has a gorgeous graphite finish, is another well-liked choice with custom neon signs. This chic fixture can be used to highlight features like a garden wall or a sculpture in your home, but it also looks great as a feature in interior designs that are monochromatic or minimalist.

    Bulkheads can aid in achieving a rustic or industrial aesthetic in addition to looking gorgeous in homes with nautical and vintage themes. Although these fixtures are frequently connected to factories and warehouses, they are beginning to show up more frequently in residential settings.

    For those who want to stay away from the harsh, industrial feel of other lighting options, they can be a good substitute. They can be installed on wood paneling or urban brickwork to create a "rough" aesthetic that works well in a variety of properties.

    The DAWN line of bulkheads is a high-end line that is made to be incredibly strong and resilient. They are rated to withstand extreme weather, making them ideal for both commercial and residential use. They come in a variety of sizes, wattages, and emergency and sensor configurations.

    They offer a bright, even illumination, making them a popular option for businesses and commercial spaces. They are also helpful for security because they discourage trespassers and make it difficult for them to enter a space unnoticed. They are also simple to install and vandalism and damage resistant.

  • Security


    Bulkhead pir lights are a great option if you want to brighten up your driveway or increase the safety of your home or place of business. They are strong and durable, built to withstand the rigors of daily use and the elements. Additionally, they have some cool features like a PIR sensor to increase the security of your home and some of the best LED technology to do it stylishly.

    The impressive illumination output of a bulkhead pir light is undoubtedly its most noticeable characteristic. Some of our energy-efficient models can provide ample illumination while requiring little power, making them a wise investment for both commercial and residential properties. They are a fantastic addition to any property because some even have motion sensing technology that turns on the light when movement is detected.

    The Aurora EN-BH10PIR HF Sensor Enabled LED Security Bulkhead Black with Cool White 4000K LEDs as well as outdoor wall lantern offers a contemporary take on this time-tested idea. This is one of the smarter options for your home or place of business thanks to its integrated 6W LED module, which generates a powerful 600 lumen output, and the clever PIR sensor.

    Aside from their lighting capabilities, they also have some interesting features, and their "Microwave Sensor" in particular caught my attention. In addition to saving you money over time and protecting you from the scorching sun, this clever device enables the bulb to turn on and off only when the light is required.

Why choose Changsha Enlighten Bulkhead pir light?

  • High-Efficient Management Team

    Our company's mission is to provide excellent service and quality products. Enlighten Lighting offers innovative luminaires suitable for outdoor and indoor applications and perfectly matching lighting solutions to meet your needs.

  • Reliable Quality Assurance System

    We are always thinking about the durability and quality of LED products. Our quality assurance system is reasonably robust. Our inspector will verify the quality of the product. We will make sure that the high-quality of the final product is examined from beginning to end. Prior to packaging the product, it is tested by our Quality Control (QC) department like motion sensor outdoor wall light.

  • Attention to Detail & Timely response

    Benefit from the longevity of production. We know the products very much We have made a few improvements for the products to meet the requirements of the customers.Our sales team works in the same time frame as you do, which means we can reach out to you immediately. If you have questions, our sales representatives will be happy to assist you with neon open sign.

  • Application of wall lights

    Wall lamps are a great lighting solution for outdoor walkways and stairs in places with the possibility of falling. The lamp is also utilized in interior decoration and lighting. It is important to be familiar with the outdoor wall lighting to help you select the most suitable wall light that matches your home design.

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