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Motion sensor outdoor light

Motion Sensor Outdoor Light: A Good Way to help keep your Home Secure Security may be the concern that is utmost homeowners with regards to their homes. Ensuring safety and security has gone beyond just locking doors and windows. Nowadays, people use motion sensors, security alarms, security cameras, and more to keep their homes secure. Motion sensor outdoor light is another addition into the security features that homeowners can consider.

A Motion Sensor Outdoor Light is a security fixture, which is designed to detect motion and light within the  area when it senses movement. This functionality is specially beneficial to keep homes safe from intruders, burglars, and night-time visitors. Changsha Enlighten motion sensor outdoor lights are an intelligent and innovative method to deter potential burglars, scare off animals, and increase safety around your property.

Advantages of Using a Motion Sensor Outdoor Lightu00a0

motion sensor outdoor wall light by Changsha Enlighten offers benefits that are several homeowners that are explained below.

  • Increased Home Security

    Increased Home Security

    A motion sensor light that is outdoor an effective way to increase the comfort of your own home. Many burglars and intruders operate beneath the cover of darkness to enter homes undetected. However, with solar motion sensor light outdoor by Changsha Enlighten, these intruders may not have the chance to enter your home since the lights turn on when motion is detected.

  • Scares Off Animals

    Scares Off Animals

    Apart from deterring burglars, Changsha Enlighten solar motion sensor light can also assist to scare off animals such as for instance raccoons, squirrels, and deer from your own property. These creatures that are pesky cause harm to your yard and garden, and sometimes they even make their solution to your house. Motion sensor outdoor lights could potentially help you save money on repairing any damage animals could potentially cause in your property.

  • Convenience


    Motion sensor lights that are outdoor convenience to homeowners as they are set to make off automatically over time. Therefore, you don't need to concern yourself with turning it off as soon as you're inside your house or leaving it on all long as it only turns on when there's motion detected night using outdoor light sensor by Changsha Enlighten.

Why choose Changsha Enlighten Motion sensor outdoor light?

Energy Conserving

A motion sensor outdoor light is energy saving as it does not stay on all the time, which not only saves power but money as well. This implies you don't need to concern yourself with your electric bills going up.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Changsha Enlighten motion outdoor lights when selecting a motion sensor outdoor light, there are several factors to consider. Here are a few of the most key elements to keep in mind.

Detection Range

The detection range is the certain area Changsha Enlighten battery motion sensor light can detect the movement of an individual, animals or vehicles. The detection range varies depending on the style of the light that is outdoor. Some models can detect from a distance of 15 feet, while some can detect from up to 70 feet. Consider your property's size to get a model that covers the range you need.


Sensitivity refers to the capacity for the sensor to detect motion in the way that is slightest. In the event that sensor is just too sensitive, it will probably switch on even when a leaf or a twig falls onto it, while low sensitivity will not detect style that is further away. Changsha Enlighten solar motion sensor light be useful to detect movements that are farther from your house, while low sensitivity is perfect for areas near to your property.

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