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Neon name lights

The use of neon lights to highlight your company's name is a striking strategy. They are also an excellent method to give your storefront a retro-chic appearance.

They are produced by depositing small amounts of gas in glass tubes and then electrically illuminating them. The gases can emit multiple colors of light, including red.

Personalized Signs

Custom neon signs made with neon name lights are a fun and unique way to decorate any room. They are available in a range of hues, sizes, and font styles, allowing you to build the ideal sign for your home or business.

These custom signage are ideal for game rooms, man caves, and private bars. Additionally, they are perfect for weddings and other special occasions!

With a personalized neon sign, your next party or event will leave a lasting impact. These fashionable pieces will immediately enliven the space and get your visitors talking.

You can select from numerous color options, like pink, green, yellow, blue, and others. You can also add calligraphy, logos, or other graphics to your neon signs.

Personalized wooden signage are another popular option. These are fashioned from various sorts of wood and are available in a number of styles. There are family-established signage, personalized wooden phrases, and more available.

  • Wedding Signs

    Wedding Signs

    There is something magical about a wedding sign composed of neon name lights. These colorful and unusual elements have made a huge reappearance since the '80s and are the ideal way to bring a contemporary touch to your wedding.

    Whether you're hanging them at the ceremony or setting them up at the reception, wedding signs are an easy way to personalize and distinguish your special day. They can also assist with guest direction, station labeling, and storytelling.

    The best part about these signs is that they are so adaptable that you can take them home and display them in your favorite location, such as a bar or entertainment room. This will serve as a great remembrance of your wedding for many years.

    Additionally, the signs are energy-efficient, meaning they consume less energy and emit less emissions. In addition, they endure longer than typical neon signs, thus they need to be replaced less frequently.

  • Bar Signs

    Bar Signs

    Neon name lights are the way to go, whether you're starting a new bar, club, or restaurant or just want some sultry lighting to complement your current decor. They may illuminate your selected design with a spectacular display of wireless LED lights in an assortment of colors and are available in a range of sizes and forms to fit your demands.

    The correct sign may boost your business and provide customers with a memorable experience. Our custom neon signage is the ideal complement to your existing du00e9cor and will help you stand out from the competition.

    Our superior personalized signs are constructed from the most energy-efficient LED flex and are designed to be safe, functional, and enjoyable to operate. Additionally, we provide a range of neon-themed patterns suitable for every event. In addition to the apparent bar or storefront displays, we also have neon tabletop lamps, wall hangings, and floor-standing neon signs for both indoor and outdoor situations.

  • Corporate Signs

    Corporate Signs

    Adding a splash of color to your business's interior design with neon-lit corporate signs can be a fun and eye-catching manner. In addition, they are an excellent addition to corporate events such as conferences and product launches.

    Consider getting a bespoke neon sign from MK Neon if you're searching for a distinctive and attention-grabbing sign for your office. These personalized signs are adaptable and may be used in any environment.

    They are also useful for promoting seasonal products or events. For instance, Tavern 5 Restaurant in Miami use a vibrant neon sign to promote new menu items and attract guests to their location.

    LEDs are far more energy-efficient and durable than traditional LED neon lights. Additionally, they are less costly to operate and require less maintenance. Additionally, they are more customizable and can be altered by remote control. Additionally, they are superior for businesses with limited space.

Why choose Changsha Enlighten Neon name lights?

  • High-Efficient Management Team

    Our organization is dedicated to providing superior service and superior goods. Enlighten Lighting offers unique luminaires that may be utilized indoors and outdoors, as well as lighting solutions that are exactly matched to your demands.


  • Reliable Quality Assurance System

    When designing LED products, our key goals are durability and quality. We have an adequate quality assurance system. Inspectors will evaluate the product's quality. From the raw materials to the finished product, the quality will be inspected by our inspector. Prior to packaging, the product is inspected by quality control.


  • Attention to Detail & Timely response

    Profit from the protracted production. We are acquainted with the merchandise. We have made a few adjustments to the products in order to suit client demands. Our sales agents can reach you in real-time since they are constantly working as yours. If you have any questions, a sales representative will respond as quickly as possible.


  • Application of wall lights

    Wall lighting is one of the best outdoor lighting alternatives for areas with a high risk of slipping or falling, such as pathways and stairways. They are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. This article will assist you in selecting the proper lighting for your home's outside wall.

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