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Bullet Lights

Bullet lights are slender, brilliant lighting that accentuate architectural elements of a home or garden. They are frequently paired with wash lights to highlight the entire fau00e7ade, so preventing the harsh shadows that can form when only one light illuminates a feature.

Popular uses include illuminating tree trunks and unique garden features or structures, such as arbors, fountains, and tree swings. In addition, they are ideal for solar outdoor pathway lighting huge forest canopies with numerous tree species.

They are available with fixed or swiveling bulbs and can be put directly into the ground or sunk into a hole. They can be utilized as uplights or downlights to illuminate a garden bed or low-growing plants. They are typically 18 to 24 inches tall and have a weatherproof shell to protect the bulb from precipitation.

  • Well Lights

    Well Lights

    Similar to recessed ceiling fixtures, but buried in the ground, are well lights. They allow you to highlight various landscaping features, such as trees, plants, and water features.

    Typically fixed or swiveling, these wall light fixture can also be utilized for uplighting. Their bulb is concealed within a watertight enclosure that is buried in the earth.

    At night, uplighting allows you to create a dramatic impact in your yard. It can illuminate architectural elements such as columns, fountains, and statues, in addition to highlighting valuable flora and trees.

    Typically, these fixtures provide low-intensity light, allowing you to select the appropriate intensity for the object you're spotlighting. Typically, these fixtures are sold individually, in packages containing transformers and wire, or as add-on kits.

  • Lanterns


    Typically comprised of metal and glass, lanterns are a form of outdoor lights ground fixture. Popular lighting fixtures that can be used to illuminate streets or dwellings.

    There are numerous lantern styles that can be created to evoke specific eras or themes. Some are stationary, while others are mobile.

    In addition to being a symbol of communication, they can be utilized in religious ceremonies and social gatherings. In the Eastern Orthodox Christianity, they are utilized on Great Saturday of Sacred Week to transport the holy fire from the Church of the Holy Sepulchre.

    There are various types of lanterns, including mantle-type fuel lamps with a ceramic-impregnated gas mantle that absorbs and re-radiates heat from a flame. These lamps operate on kerosene, propane, or white gas.

    Despite their popularity throughout the holiday season, some activists are concerned that sky lanterns can spark fires. Furthermore, they pose a threat to wildlife and aquatic life.

  • Well Light Six-Pack

    Well Light Six-Pack

    Well lights are embedded in the ground and shine upward, illuminating trees and flower gardens on the property. They are also excellent for accentuating the architectural features of a home.

    They are an easy and inexpensive way to illuminate an outdoor environment. There are only three pieces per light, and they are compatible with both 12-volt and 24-volt landscape lighting transformers.

    These fixtures are manufactured by Sunriver, a reputable manufacturer of long-lasting solar landscape lights fixtures. Each lamp contains a lens made of tempered soda-lime glass that can sustain yard equipment impacts without shattering, as well as a stainless steel cover and a watertight rubber seal.

    The WL3 Belmont Series well lights are injection molded and designed in the United States. This permits them to be rated for adverse weather conditions. In addition to being simple to install, they have a heat-resistant transparent convex glass lens and an adjustable stainless steel gimbal.

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  • Application of wall lights

    Wall lighting is one of the best outdoor lighting alternatives for areas with a high risk of slipping or falling, such as pathways and stairways. They are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. This article will assist you in selecting the proper lighting for your home's outside wall.

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