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Outdoor wall lights for house

The installation of outdoor wall lights for houses is an essential step in the design process. These lights can be used for a variety of purposes, like illuminating a path or patio, bolstering the safety of the property, or improving the aesthetic appeal of the house.

The illumination provided by lighting fixtures ought to be adequate for safety purposes without being so intense as to blind other people. There is a wide selection of lighting solutions available to cater to your requirements, including dimmable LED lights, motion-activated floodlights, and lights that are compliant with the gloomy sky.


Wall lights that are designed for use outside and are contemporary are an excellent method to illuminate your home. In addition to providing protection, they lend your property an air of sophistication and a warm, inviting atmosphere.

These lights are long-lasting and resistant to the effects of any form of climate or climate change. They are also capable of being utilized in the production of an intimate atmosphere.

They come in a variety of shapes and dimensions to choose from. Up-light wall lights, 30-inch led outdoor wall lights, and LED wall sconce lighting are a few of the popular choices in this category of lighting fixtures.

These contemporary lights are built to last and are resistant to the effects of any and all types of weather. They are also useful for drawing attention to a particular aspect of a garden design or layout.

  • Traditional


    Traditional outdoor wall lantern lights are a popular choice for home lighting, and they may lend an air of refined sophistication to the appearance of your property from the street. They can also provide illumination to your yard and enhance your sense of safety and security by providing ADA-compliant lights, LED dimmable options, and motion sensor powered options that automatically turn on when you step out the door or pull in the driveway. In addition, they can make your yard accessible to people with disabilities.

    There is a wide selection of these styles available in a number of sizes, finishes, and other types of styles. Consider purchasing a light fixture in the style of a lantern that has frosted or etched glass for an extra air of elegance if you are searching for something that falls into the traditional category.

  • Coastal


    Outdoor wall lights with a coastal aesthetic are an excellent way to improve the atmosphere of your property while also contributing to its safety and security. In addition to that, they can provide tasteful illumination for your front porch, driveway, and garage door.

    You should think about a range of criteria, such as the material, the surface treatment, the ingress protection grade, and the outdoor lighting types available, when selecting the ideal coastal lighting for your property. You might think it would be fun to include a few unique components, such as a lighting fixture or two with a nautical motif, a LED modern outdoor wall lighting that will endure for years, and a motion sensor in your purchase. It is also a good idea to investigate various dusk to dawn fixtures in order to gain an understanding of how they function. The majority of these are quite easy to operate and do not require any kind of power supply. In the end, you ought to be able to pick the one that caters to your requirements the most effectively.

  • Outdoor Ceiling Fans

    Outdoor Ceiling Fans

    There is a wide selection of types and designs of outdoor wall lights to choose from, making them adaptable to any house. They are versatile and can be utilized for a range of applications, from giving illumination over a full lawn or pool to acting as accent lighting.

    The flood light, the barn light, the lantern light, and the motion sensor light are the four primary varieties of outdoor wall lighting. They are also available in a wide variety of designs and finishes.

    It is recommended that you select a more durable finish for your outdoor wall lights with pir fixture if you live in a coastal or maritime environment. These coatings have been given a special treatment so that they can endure difficult conditions such as air that is high in salt content, dramatic weather changes, or varying temperatures.

Why choose Changsha Enlighten Outdoor wall lights for house?

  • High-Efficient Management Team

    Our company is dedicated to providing excellent service and top quality products such as motion sensor outdoor wall light. Enlighten Lighting is a manufacturer of lighting fixtures that are awe-inspiring for outdoor and indoor applications. We also offer perfectly matching lighting solutions that satisfy every need.

  • Reliable Quality Assurance System

    Our priority is always the longevity and high-quality of our LED products like outdoor wall lights with sensor. We have a reasonable quality control system. Our inspectors will examine the quality seriously. From the raw material, we will examine the finished product. Prior to packing our QC inspects every batch of the product.

  • Attention to Detail & Timely response

    Profit from long-term production. Since we are familiar with the products such as black outdoor wall lights  we are able to make modifications to them to satisfy their needs. Our sales are capable of contacting you in real-time because they work almost the same hours as yours. If you've got any further questions, we will be happy to assist you.

  • Application of wall lights

    The wall lamp is an excellent outdoor lighting solution for areas such as stairways or walkways. It can also be used as an interior lighting or decoration. We will discuss outdoor wall lighting so you can select the best one for your home.

Industrial Chrome

Chrome in the industrial sector is added to a wide range of metal items to increase their longevity and resistance to corrosion. In most cases, it is deposited onto a base material in order to give protection against wear. Additionally, it is frequently utilized in welding and other applications that involve metalworking. It is a tough coating that is bluish-white in color and has great adherence to a wide variety of metals, including steel. The coating is extremely adhesive. Additionally, due to the stunning bluish-white sheen that it imparts, it is frequently used as a material of choice for decorative plating.

The outdoor wall mounted lights made of industrial chrome are the best option to take if you want your home to have a more contemporary appearance. These fittings are offered in a large selection of hues and finishes, so you may find one that perfectly complements the style of your home. They can even be tailored to reflect your own preferences and characteristics.

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