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Solar Lanterns

Solar lanterns are a fantastic way to illuminate your outdoor area without using up limited energy sources. In order to provide light at night, they use a solar cell to capture sunlight during the day and store it.

They can give you lighting for up to 16 hours or longer, depending on your location and the time of year. Most models can be charged by a wall charger in a few hours, but charging them outside in the sun takes longer.

Additionally, they are foldable and lightweight, which facilitates transportation. Some even have handles that make it simpler to hang them from a tree or tent or carry them.

Because of their weatherproof construction, these lanterns can withstand various weather conditions like rain and snow. Additionally, they have a 90-day replacement policy and a risk-free refund guarantee.

  • Solar Spotlights

    Solar Spotlights

    For directional lighting in your outdoor area, solar powered spotlights are a fantastic choice. They are simple to install and offer energy-efficient lighting for your garden or driveway.

    Photovoltaic cells, which are used in solar spotlights, use atomic-level conversion to turn sunlight into electricity. The battery of the spotlight stores this energy for use at night or on overcast days.

    The best solar spotlights are made to automatically illuminate at dusk and shut off at dawn, saving you money on energy costs while providing hassle-free illumination. Most also have a movable head that lets you point the beam in the best direction.

    These solar spotlights come in a variety of styles, compositions, and intensities. They can be used as security lights, as well as to illuminate gardens, decks, porches, driveways, and walkways.

  • Solar Path Lights

    Solar Path Lights

    An effective and affordable way to add accent lighting to a garden, patio, deck, or walkway is with solar path lights. They are a great option for homes with kids or pets because they offer some security and safety as well.

    They come in a variety of designs that incorporate ethereal orbs with geometric shapes as well as more traditional craftsman and Victorian era aesthetics. Some even feature designs that make it simple to conceal them when not in use, like those with stainless steel casing for a premium appearance.

    Additionally, they come in a variety of lumen outputs to match the level of light required for your particular space and style. Brighter models produce a significantly more dramatic effect, while low-lumen options give off a gentle glow that resembles fairy lights.

  • Solar Flood Lights

    Solar Flood Lights

    Without using wires or batteries, solar flood lights are a great way to illuminate your outdoor space at night. When installed correctly, they can also offer security.

    They are a great option for any homeowner or business owner looking for a high-quality outdoor light because they frequently have a variety of lighting modes, weatherproofing, and installation options. They frequently make good investments because they will hold up for many years.

    You should take a number of factors into account when choosing solar-powered lights, such as the battery type, panel size, and charge time. You can use these to decide which solar flood lights are best for your requirements and financial situation.

    The InnoGear wall light is a cost-effective and adaptable option for anyone looking for a high-quality solar flood light that provides your home with bright 450 LED lumens of power. A fast charging solar panel, multiple lighting modes, and all necessary mounting and installation equipment are also included.

Why choose Changsha Enlighten Outside wall lights?

  • High-Efficient Management Team

    Our company is committed to providing outstanding service and high quality products. Enlighten Lighting has innovative luminaires suitable for both indoor and outdoor use and can match any lighting needs.

  • Reliable Quality Assurance System

    Durability and quality are our top priorities when designing LED-based products such as led wall light. We have a high-quality assurance process. Our inspectors will meticulously examine the quality. From raw material to final product Our inspector will check the quality. Our QC inspects the product before packing.

  • Attention to Detail & Timely response

    Profit from long-term production. Because we know the products like wall lights well we are able to make modifications to them to meet the demands of customers.Our sales team works nearly as long as yours to get back to you quickly. If you've got any other concerns, we'll be happy to assist you.

  • Application of wall lights

    For areas such as stairs and pathways that are prone to falling or slipping and slip, the wall lamp and neon wall signs is the best choice of lighting for outdoor areas. It is suitable to provide both exterior and interior decoration, lighting as well as outdoor lighting. We will discuss the lighting options for outdoor walls so that you can choose the most suitable one for your home.

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