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Detection Area

The security lights are intended to detect motion within a specific detection area. When motion is detected, the light illuminates and remains lit for a predetermined amount of time.

The position and angle of a PIR sensor define the detection area of a pir security light. Typically, a pir sensor is installed on a printed circuit board in a housing that allows the sensor to cover the desired detection area.

The PIR sensor detects changes in the level of IR energy in the area using positive differential change. Objects moving through the detecting zone cause a positive or negative change in the level of IR energy, depending on where they move.

The IR sensors in a pir security light are designed to detect infrared radiation from the surrounding environment via two slots located in front of the lens. The IR slots are intended to distinguish between field-wide infrared illumination and human or animal movement within the detecting zone.

  • Sensitivity


    PIR (passive infrared) outdoor security lights with motion sensor are one of the most common options for motion detection. These sensors constantly monitor everything within a certain range and turn on the light when they detect movement within that range.

    They have two small slots that pick up infrared radiation from anything that moves across their field of view. The infrared radiation is then transmitted to the sensor's electronics, which can activate the light.

    The sensitivity of the sensors can be adjusted so that it only activates the light when something moves in its detection zone. This can aid in lowering the number of false activations.

    However, if something is blowing in the wind or if you leave leaves or other loose objects lying around, the movement sensors may give false alarms. If you're concerned, you should always check your security light for any issues that might be causing it to turn on during the wind.

  • Controls


    There are several types of outdoor sensor security lights that can be used to control lighting. The most common is the PIR sensor, which detects motion within a preset range and activates the lights accordingly.

    The main component is a passive infrared (PIR) sensor, which is typically mounted on a printed circuit board with electronics to interpret the signals from the sensing element. This can be combined with a small relay that completes the circuit across a pair of electrical contacts connected to a burglar alarm control panel's detection input zone.

    This type of PIR sensor is most commonly used to deter potential criminals in outdoor security lighting. They can, however, be used to improve the efficiency of your indoor lighting, such as in the hallway or kitchen, by turning on the lights only when a person is detected in that area.

  • Maintenance


    The pir security lights are an excellent way to keep intruders out of your home and family. They do, however, require routine maintenance in order to function properly.

    To keep your lights and sensors working properly, you should first clean them on a regular basis. This should ideally be done at least once a month.

    Check the sensitivity settings on your motion sensor as well. To avoid triggering it when nothing is moving, you may need to lower the sensitivity.

    Another common issue with security lights is that they do not turn off when instructed. This could be due to power surges or a problem with the switch that controls them.

    In most cases, these issues are simple to resolve. Our electrical experts can quickly identify and correct them for you, restoring your Bethesda security lights to working order in no time!

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  • Application of wall lights

    Wall lamps are a great outdoor lighting option for staircases and walkways in areas where there is the possibility of falling. The lamp is also utilized for interior lighting and decoration. This article will assist you choose the best lighting for your outdoor wall at home.

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