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Rechargeable batteries

Portable floodlights employ rechargeable batteries to offer additional power to the light fixture. Batteries come in numerous varieties, including Ni-MH (Nickel Metal Hydride), li-ion and lead acid.

Li-ion batteries are a fantastic choice for portable flood lights since they can deliver a high energy density and are extensively used in most modern consumer products. They are also lighter than Ni-MH and li-cd batteries, so they may fit into smaller portable and solar lights.

In addition, they have a long cycle life, so you will not need to replace them frequently. Additionally, they are more tolerant of low temperatures than Ni-MH and li-cd, so you may use portable floodlights during the winter without trouble.

The majority of high-end portable floodlights and solar flood lights that require a great deal of power use lead acid batteries. They are also present in several mid-range floodlights.

  • Powerful illumination

    Powerful illumination

    Portable floodlights illuminate a vast area with intense illumination. They are frequently used at night for security purposes, to illuminate parking lots and driveways, and to illuminate work areas.

    They can also be utilized to emphasize unique architectural characteristics. For instance, a narrow beam distribution can be utilized to emphasize grazing or washing techniques.

    Alternatively, flood lights with a solar panel LED can be used to enlighten by gathering energy from the sun throughout the day and storing it in the battery later at night. They are a wonderful option for those who are concerned with conserving energy while lighting outdoor settings.

    Power consumption and brightness rating are significant elements to consider when purchasing a floodlight. A lamp with lower power consumption can minimize your electricity bill and a high lumen rating will provide you a brighter and more efficient lighting solution.

  • Easy to carry

    Easy to carry

    A portable flood light is an excellent solution for any job site or place that demands a light that can move around at whim. These lights are available in a variety of sizes and wattages, allowing you to select one that matches your needs.

    They are also easy to carry, making them a wonderful addition to any tool box or kit bag. You can even use a car charger to keep them charged in transit.

    This adaptable, high-powered, portable floodlight from FoxFury is your best option. Itu2019s a battery operated, tripod LED light that reaches up to 8 feet tall and produces up to 5,600 lumens of brightness.

    The magnetic base enables the clamp to adhere to metal surfaces such as ducting and electrical boxes, while the spring-loaded strengthened clamp can support up to 25 pounds. A 2" clap fits over doors, rough-in lumber, and other pipes.

  • Long battery life

    Long battery life

    Long battery life is one of the wonderful benefits of portable flood lights. In fact, some of them can last for up to two years on a single charge.

    Luckily, most of these devices are constructed with lithium-ion batteries that are rechargeable and can be swapped out for fresh ones in minutes. This makes it even simpler to keep these lights on standby, which can be useful in emergency situations such as a power loss or a home fire.

    The most efficient portable LED flood light include energy-saving features such as motion sensors, timers, and dimmers, which can help you save money on your energy costs. This is the most crucial advantage of purchasing a battery-powered floodlight over a regular type, so take your time selecting the appropriate one. Whether you're looking for a means to illuminate your yard or to secure your home, there's likely to be a solution that's ideal for you.

Why choose Changsha Enlighten Portable flood light?

  • High-Efficient Management Team

    Our organization is dedicated to providing superior service and superior goods. Enlighten Lighting offers unique luminaires that may be utilized indoors and outdoors, as well as lighting solutions that are exactly matched to your demands.


  • Reliable Quality Assurance System

    When designing solar LED products, our key goals are durability and quality. We have an adequate quality assurance system. Inspectors will evaluate the product's quality. From the raw materials to the finished product, the quality will be inspected by our inspector. Prior to packaging, the product is inspected by quality control.


  • Attention to Detail & Timely response

    Profit from the protracted production. We are acquainted with the merchandise. We have made a few adjustments to the products in order to suit client demands. Our sales agents can reach you in real-time since they are constantly working as yours. If you have any questions, a sales representative will respond as quickly as possible.


  • Application of wall lights

    Wall lighting is one of the best outdoor lighting alternatives for areas with a high risk of slipping or falling, such as pathways and stairways. They are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. This article will assist you in selecting the proper lighting for your home's outside wall.

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