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Rgb flood light

LED floodlight is an excellent method to enhance the appearance of your property. In addition to reducing energy expenses, they provide long-lasting illumination without requiring frequent maintenance.

They can be utilized for a variety of purposes, including parking lots, building exterior security, and outdoor sports fields. They come in an extensive range of wattages and lumens.

Colorful Lighting

Illuminating your property with vibrant hues is an excellent approach to attract attention and create a festive atmosphere. It is simple to locate a color-changing floodlight that meets your needs due to the availability of numerous variations.

RGB flood light can be utilized for a variety of applications, including party lighting, ambiance lighting, and special events (Halloween, Christmas). They are also a terrific way to provide bright, colorful light to your house or company.

The remote controllers included with these rgb floodlights make it simple to modify the color of the light. In addition, they contain a memory function that allows them to remember your preferred colors and settings so that you do not have to adjust them every time you switch them on.

These LED floodlights are compatible with a number of mounting surfaces, including the ground, walls, and ceilings. Additionally, they are waterproof and resistant to rain and snow, making them suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

  • Security


    Illuminating driveways, backyards, walkways, steps, and porches helps prevent accidents that could result in serious injury or death. Additionally, it can dissuade potential burglars from breaking into a home.

    There are numerous designs of security floodlights to accommodate your needs and budget. They are available in configurations with one or two heads that are solar-powered or motion-activated.

    There are several aspects to consider when selecting an LED flood light, including wattage, lumens, and beam angle. A higher wattage emits more light, but a lower wattage conserves electricity.

    Temperature of color (Kelvin) refers to the color of the projected light. The cooler a color is, the higher its color temperature.

    This RGB flood light has a long lifespan as a result of its innovative ceramic heat sink, which increases its dissipation area and lengthens its lifetime. It also has a memory function that remembers the colors and settings you set previously. Bluetooth-enabled, so you may operate it via an app on your mobile device.

  • Energy Efficiency

    Energy Efficiency

    LED floodlights are eco-friendly and energy-efficient alternatives to conventional lamps and lighting options. They are safe to use, emit no heat, conserve energy, and have a long lifespan.

    These LED flood light bulbs can be used to illuminate roads, sidewalks, and yards, as well as to highlight architectural details on buildings. They are also extremely bright, efficient, and do not flicker or buzz when used with dimmer switches.

    They are cheaper than Cree and have the same 10-year warranty. In addition, they are extremely bright and energy-efficient enough to pay for themselves within a year if you are replacing incandescent bulbs.

  • Maintenance


    50w LED floodlight might be an excellent investment, but they require maintenance. It is essential that they continue to function well and have a lengthy lifespan.

    As with most electrical products, if they are not properly maintained and controlled they can become unreliable and could potentially break down at any time. This can be quite expensive to fix or replace thus it is crucial that they are examined regularly to prevent this from happening.

    Maintenance is also important to guarantee that any warranties that are in place are not breached. In addition, it may be necessary for ensuring that the lights are operating optimally and producing the correct quantity of light for your facility or sport to run securely.

Why choose Changsha Enlighten Rgb flood light?

  • High-Efficient Management Team

    Our organization is dedicated to providing superior service and superior goods. Enlighten Lighting offers unique neon lights that may be utilized indoors and outdoors, as well as lighting solutions that are exactly matched to your demands.


  • Reliable Quality Assurance System

    When designing LED products, our key goals are durability and quality. We have an adequate quality assurance system. Inspectors will evaluate the product's quality. From the raw materials to the finished product, the quality will be inspected by our inspector. Prior to packaging, the product is inspected by quality control.


  • Attention to Detail & Timely response

    Profit from the protracted production. We are acquainted with the merchandise. We have made a few adjustments to the products in order to suit client demands. Our sales agents can reach you in real-time since they are constantly working as yours. If you have any questions, a sales representative will respond as quickly as possible.


  • Application of wall lights

    Wall lighting is one of the best outdoor lighting alternatives for areas with a high risk of slipping or falling, such as pathways and stairways. They are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. This article will assist you in selecting the proper lighting for your home's outside wall.

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