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1. Brightness

Lumens are used to express how bright a sensor flood light is. These figures are related to wattage, and lights with higher wattages project more lumens than those with lower wattages.

LED floodlights are typically measured in lumens in addition to wattage, which ranges from 15 watts to 400 watts. While high-brightness models range from 4,000 to 10,000 lumens, low-brightness LED floodlights operate between 1,600 and 4,000 lumens.

LED floodlights have the ability to be energy-efficient without compromising brightness, unlike HID (high-intensity discharge) lights. They may even be three times as energy-efficient as their HID equivalents.

For better home security or to illuminate your backyard, consider investing in a motion-sensor flood light. They frequently have numerous adjustment options, such as dusk-to-dawn features of led neon that keep the lights on until you manually turn them off and security modes that detect movement in a 180-degree field of view.

  • 2. Durability

    2. Durability

    An important consideration when selecting a sensor flood light is durability. The floodlight must be made of sturdy materials that can withstand high temperatures and moisture damage.

    The ideal material for the casing would be aluminum. This will guarantee that the internal components are shielded from moisture, dust, and other elements.

    Additionally, it is important to check a light's IP rating (ingress protection). The first digit shows the amount of dust it can withstand, and the second digit shows how well it can withstand water.

    Additionally, it's critical to look for a floodlight that can be used from dusk until dawn and has an integrated motion sensor. By turning the lights off when it gets dark, this feature will save you money and energy while also lowering your carbon footprint.

  • 3. Safety

    3. Safety

    Motion-sensor flood lights not only illuminate your driveway, garage, and other entrances with neon light signs, but they also deter burglars. They also light up shadowy areas that would be difficult to see otherwise, like bushes and trees.

    You can add them anywhere there are already installed fixtures because they are simple to install. They can even be used to enclose the perimeter of your house and increase outdoor child safety.

    Motion detectors come in a variety of designs, including those that mount above a lightbulb or fixture and those that attach to an existing light switch. The ones with a light switch that operates the motion detector and flood light are the simplest to use.

  • 4. Energy efficiency

    4. Energy efficiency

    An excellent choice for energy-efficient lighting is a sensor floodlight. Compared to many other types of lighting, including compact fluorescent bulbs, it consumes a great deal less power.

    Additionally, it might have a motion sensor that activates the light when it detects movement in the vicinity. Long-term, this will save both money and energy.

    A sensor flood light's energy efficiency is influenced by a number of variables. These consist of the wattage, lens, and base.

    You have a variety of wattage options to choose from, ranging from 15 watts to 400 watts. Low-wattage lighting is ideal for spaces that only require a little illumination, whereas mid-wattage lighting provides sufficient illumination.

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  • High-Efficient Management Team

    Our company's mission is to provide excellent service and quality products. Enlighten Lighting provides innovative luminaires that can be used indoors and outdoors, as well as perfectly matching lighting solutions to meet all your needs.

  • Reliable Quality Assurance System

    We are always thinking about the quality and durability of LED-based products such as neon lights for room. Our system of quality assurance is reasonably robust. Our inspector will verify the quality. From the raw material, we will examine the finished product. Before packaging our QC examines each batch of the product.

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  • Application of wall lights

    The wall light is one of the best outdoor lighting options for areas like stairways and pathways, in which there is a higher probability of falling or slipping, and it is used for both interior decoration and lighting and outdoor lighting of structures. So that you can locate the ideal outdoor wall lamp for your home, we will guide you on how to create it with neon open sign.

5. Flexibility

An adaptable kind of outdoor lighting fixture, LED flood lights can be used for a variety of tasks. They are available in a vast array of wattages, lumens, and mounting styles like custom neon lights.

All of these should be taken into account when looking for a new flood light. They can range from modest needs, like lighting a small yard, to more substantial commercial requirements, like parking lots.

Motion Sensors: These are lights that automatically turn on when they detect movement in the vicinity. These are fantastic energy savers because they only turn on when necessary and are perfect for security lighting.

They are also referred to as dusk-to-dawn lights because they typically have a photocell that activates when the sun sets to help with energy conservation.

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