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The solar motion sensor light is an excellent way to reduce your electric bill. They are also environmentally friendly and safe.

It is critical to consider the detection sensitivity and illumination range of a motion-sensor light when purchasing one. This ensures that the light illuminates the area you want it to illuminate.

It is also a good idea to select one with adjustable features so that you can tailor its settings to your specific requirements.

In general, this type of light is simple to install and runs on sunlight rather than an external power supply.

Another advantage of these lights is that they can be programmed to turn on and off automatically, ensuring that there is always light in your home. Furthermore, they are extremely energy-efficient and can significantly reduce your electricity bill.

  • Easy to install

    Easy to install

    Solar motion sensor outdoor light is a great way to illuminate areas of your property. They are simple to install and are available in a variety of sizes, styles, and prices.

    They are also an effective security solution for your home, garage, or driveway. When someone approaches the area where they are triggered, the light will flash to help passersby see who is there and to give you peace of mind.

    They also save you money on electricity bills because they are not turned on and off all the time like traditional outdoor lighting. They are also extremely safe to use because they do not require a connection to the electrical grid, so there is no risk of overloading or short-circuiting your system.

  • Long-lasting


    Solar motion sensor lights are an excellent choice for homeowners looking to increase the security of their property. They are inexpensive, long-lasting, and simple to install.

    This solar security light with motion sensor, in addition to securing your home, can help you save money on energy bills by only turning on when motion is detected. They also include a timer that allows you to control how long the light remains on.

    The best solar motion sensor light for your home should be bright enough to deter intruders and cover a large area. It should also be weatherproof so that you can use it all year.

    This outdoor LED solar motion light has an IP65 rating, which means it is waterproof and resistant to rain, snow, and other inclement weather. It also has three different lighting modes. You can set the lights to stay on all night, come on only when motion is detected, or turn them completely off. It has a polycrystalline silicon solar panel and can illuminate your yard for up to 8 hours after sunset.

  • Brighter


    Solar motion sensor lights are an energy-efficient way to illuminate a dark area while also protecting your home. When someone enters its detection zone, they use infrared technology to detect movement and illuminate a bright LED light.

    They are ideal for lighting up the front or back yard, driveway, doorway, courtyard, garage, hallway, garden, or any other general lighting area.

    These lights are brighter than a standard motion sensor lamp. Although the wattage varies, they are typically brighter than the average led floodlight.

    To save energy, charge the lights during the day and turn them off at night. This will make the lights last longer in the dark.

    Sunlight intensity, geographical location, weather conditions, and other factors all influence the charging and lighting times of solar lights. Solar lights may have a lower brightness and a shorter operating time during the winter. One more variety of product that can be purchased from the market is the battery operated motion sensor light.

Why choose Changsha Enlighten Solar motion sensor light?

  • High-Efficient Management Team

    We are committed to high quality and excellent customer service. Enlighten Lighting provides innovative luminaires that can be used both indoors and outdoors, as well as perfectly matching lighting solutions to meet all your needs. Here's yet another product category you can shop for: outdoor security lights with motion sensor.

  • Reliable Quality Assurance System

    Durability and quality are our top priorities when designing LED products. We have a reasonable quality control system. Our inspector will check the quality with a strict eye. From raw material to final product, the quality is verified. Prior to packing, our QC checks the product in batches sampling

  • Attention to Detail & Timely response

    Enjoy the benefits of long-term production. We are extremely acquainted with our products and have made enhancements to the product to meet the needs of the consumers. Our sales team is within the same timeframe as you, so we are able to reach you right away. If you have any questions Our sales team will reply in the shortest time possible.

  • Application of wall lights

    Wall lighting is one of the best outdoor lighting options for areas such as walkways and stairways in areas where there is a significant chance of sliding or falling. They can be used both outdoors and indoors. This article will help you choose the best outdoor wall light for your home.

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