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Added security

Installing outdoor security lights on your property can lessen the likelihood of theft and other crimes. They also improve your family's convenience and safety.

Motion sensor solar lights only turn on when there is movement, as opposed to conventional outdoor lighting that can be left on constantly. This prevents them from consuming all of your power and lowers your energy costs.

Any home can benefit from these lights, which will guarantee the safety of your property while you're away. They can be used outside your front and back doors, in your garage, and low-level windows on the side of your home.

When someone approaches, a solar motion sensor light outdoors will illuminate any area within 10 to 16 feet of it. This means that any burglar trying to break into your home will have to pause and consider their options, which may help prevent them from breaking in at all.

  • Can frighten off garden pests

    Can frighten off garden pests

    Motion sensor solar lights are an excellent way to deter pests from your garden if you own one. When motion or movement is detected, these lights emit a sudden flood of light that scares away vermin like skunks and possums.

    You can also use these lights to scare away stray animals that manage to get onto your property. Because some of these animals are extremely wary, the glaring light will give them just enough time to turn around and flee.

    To scare away raccoons and other desert-dwelling animals, some people use solar lights that emit ultraviolet wavelengths. They will make these animals feel vulnerable, which is one of their main fears, by imitating the eyeshine of predators.

  • Convenient and simple to install

    Convenient and simple to install

    Lights with solar motion sensors are practical and easy to install. They have removable or rechargeable battery backups and don't need a hardwired connection.

    Additionally green, these lights consume less electricity than other types of lighting. You can easily find one that meets the needs of your home because they come in a variety of styles and sizes.

    The best outdoor solar motion sensor lights have sensitivity and light duration controls. Additionally, the IP (ingress protection) rating shows how well the lights are rated to withstand dust and moisture.

    These lights are appropriate for driveways, stairwells, decks, porches, and garages. They will provide light in the shadowy areas around your home, enhancing security and deterring trespassers. They can be a wonderful addition to any garden, too.

  • Affordable


    Installing an outdoor solar sensor light is a simple way to improve safety and the appearance of your home if you're worried about security. They are safer than other types of outdoor lighting and will last longer than standard lights because they don't draw power from your home's grid.

    There are many different types of solar motion sensor lights, including timer-controlled and dusk to dawn models. All of these products will use solar energy to shine, but they will only have a certain amount of energy stored in their batteries, so it's important to think about when and for how long you want them to be illuminated.

    Generally speaking, a product will be more effective at illuminating a larger area the brighter and more powerful it is. However, you can also find solar lights that are primarily intended to serve as accent lights or as soft, ambient lighting. The best solar motion sensor lights for your house should have a high lumen rating and a sturdy construction.

Why choose Changsha Enlighten solar motion sensor light outdoor?

  • High-Efficient Management Team

    We are committed to high quality and exceptional customer service. Enlighten Lighting is a manufacturer of lighting fixtures that are awe-inspiring for indoor and exterior applications. We also provide perfectly matching lighting solutions that meet every need.

  • Reliable Quality Assurance System

    We always think first about the durability and quality of LED products such as led outdoor wall lights. We have a good quality assurance system; our inspectors will examine the quality with a strict eye. We will check the quality from the raw material until the final product. Before packaging our QC examines each batch of product.

  • Attention to Detail & Timely response

    Our long-term production model allows us to benefit from our experience with our product like wall sconce lighting. We also are able to make adjustments to ensure that the products can meet the demands of clients. Our sales team works nearly the same time as you do to respond to you promptly. Our sales will reply to you as soon as possible if you have any questions.

  • Application of wall lights

    The wall lamp is a great lighting solution for outdoor staircases and walkways in areas where there is the possibility of falling. The lamp is also utilized for interior lighting and decoration. This article will assist you to choose the right outdoor wall lights for your home.

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