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Easy to Install

Simple outdoor lighting additions for your home can be made with outdoor solar security lights. They may be installed almost anyplace in your yard and don't need an electrician to be licensed.

Because they employ renewable energy, they are also more affordable than conventional electricity and oil-powered lights. You won't have to be concerned about running out of electricity and needing to buy more as a result.

Additionally, you should pick a light with a motion sensor and a timer so you can control how long it is on at night. This will keep your property protected and serve to dissuade illegal activity.

  • Energy Savings

    Energy Savings

    Adding outside illumination to your property is simple with solar security light with motion sensor. They can be installed almost anywhere in your yard without the need for a certified electrician.

    They are also more affordable because they use renewable energy instead of conventional electricity and oil-powered lighting. This eliminates the concern that you will run out of electricity and need to purchase more.

    Choosing a light with a motion sensor and a timer will also allow you to choose how long it is on at night. This will assist dissuade criminal activity and safeguard your property.

  • Low Maintenance

    Low Maintenance

    An eco-friendly, simple-to-install, and maintenance-free alternative to traditional solar lights outdoor is solar security lighting. They may be employed in a variety of settings and locales because to their remarkable versatility.

    Solar security lights don't require much in the way of maintenance beyond making sure they get enough sunlight. However, it's crucial to pay regular attention to your fixtures since over time, snow, pollen, and dust will build up on the solar panel.

    It could be time to change your batteries if you notice that they don't appear to be charging or if they only last a few hours at night. Additionally, you ought to inspect the batteries for corrosion.

    Solar security lights with motion sensors are a fantastic solution to increase convenience and security on your property. When movement is detected, they will immediately turn on and emit a bright light to notify passersby and discourage crime.

  • Versatility


    An adaptable choice, an outdoor solar spot lights can be used to light up your yard, your driveway, or even the outside of your house. They are also an excellent method to reduce your energy costs by utilizing the sun's energy.

    The nicest thing about solar lights is that they don't need any wiring, so you can install them almost anyplace on your property without having to worry about laying power lines or changing the layout of your landscaping. They are therefore a wonderful choice for rural properties and places without easy access to energy.

    It is necessary to keep in mind the specifics of your scenario before making a purchase because not all solar lights are created equal. Research is essential; for instance, some models don't perform well in shaded places. Make sure the light you purchase has the appropriate battery life and weather durability for the conditions where it will be used.

Why choose Changsha Enlighten Solar security light?

  • High-Efficient Management Team

    High quality and great service is the main goal of our company. Enlighten Lighting offers innovative luminaires suitable for outdoor and indoor applications, and perfectly aligned lighting solutions for all requirements.

  • Reliable Quality Assurance System

    Quality and durability of LED products are our first priority. We have a good quality control system. Our inspectors will examine the quality with a strict eye. We will ensure that the high-quality of the finished product is examined from beginning to final. Before packing the product, it is tested by our Quality Control (QC) department.

  • Attention to Detail & Timely response

    We've got a long history of production and we are able to offer you the best products.Our sales staff works almost the same time as you do to get back to you quickly. If you've got any queries Our sales team will respond in the shortest time possible.

  • Application of wall lights

    Wall lamps are a great outdoor lighting option for staircases and walkways, which are areas where there is the possibility of falling. The lamp is also utilized in interior decoration and lighting. This article will cover outdoor wall lighting so you can select the best one for your home.

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