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Motion-activated solar security light turn on for a brief period of time before automatically turning off after detecting movement. This makes the space safer and helps save electricity.

One of the most prevalent types of sensors used in solar lighting systems is the PIR (pyroelectric infrared) motion sensor. When motion is detected, these gadgets use infrared technology to turn on a light for a brief period of time before going entirely dark.

The most typical application for this kind of gadget is home security systems, although it may also be found in plumbing, ticketing machines, and automatic door locks.

A monocrystalline silicon solar panel that transforms sunlight into electricity and stores it in a lithium-ion battery for use at night powers this solar security light. It can be charged completely in 6u201310 hours and is made to work in direct sunlight.

  • Design


    Solar security lights can be a terrific method to protect your house from trespassers thanks to their infrared sensors and motion-detecting technology. Additionally, they can lower your electricity costs!

    Another crucial factor is how your solar lighting system is designed. For the space they illuminate and the sort of traffic, the size of the light fixtures must be ideal. For instance, closer-spaced larger lights are needed for foot traffic, whereas farther-spaced lights are needed for motor traffic.

    Each lamp is sized and set for maximum energy harvesting during sun hours by quality producers who measure the sun hours. This enables the lights to run effectively during "set and forget" operation without using up too much battery power.

    Additionally, the aesthetics of your solar lights should be taken into account during design. Using lights of various sizes and shapes can truly assist define a space while also improving the lighting's aesthetic appeal.

  • Battery life

    Battery life

    Outdoor solar security lights can be a terrific method to protect your house from intruders thanks to its motion-detecting technology and infrared sensors. Additionally, they can help you save money on your electricity bills.

    Another crucial factor is the design of your solar lighting system. The size of the lighting fixtures must be ideal for the traffic and the space they illuminate. For instance, closer spacing between larger signals is needed for foot traffic whereas a wider spacing is needed for auto traffic.

    The sun hours are measured by reputable manufacturers to guarantee that each lamp is sized and situated for maximum energy absorption during the sun's peak hours. By doing this, the lights may run effectively while not using up too much battery power during "set and forget" operation.

    Aesthetics should also be taken into account when designing your solar lighting. Using lights of various sizes and shapes not only helps define a region, but also improves the aesthetics of the lighting.

  • Installation


    Security flood lights that are solar-powered provide a number of benefits over those that are powered by electricity. They not only don't draw power from the grid, but they also automatically turn on and off, saving you time and energy.

    An essential component of a security light is a motion sensor, which keeps trespassers away from your property. An LED light turns on when a solar PIR motion sensor detects movement and variations in infrared energy levels.

    Anyone wishing to increase the security of their property should consider installing a solar security light because it's simple and inexpensive to do so. Here are some pointers for getting going:

    Start by making sure the installation location is free from obstacles and gets plenty of sunlight. As a result, the solar panel will be able to fully charge the battery assembly and power the light for at least 3 to 5 nights (more in northern climates).

Why choose Changsha Enlighten solar security light with motion sensor?

  • High-Efficient Management Team

    We're committed to top quality and excellent customer service. Enlighten Lighting offers innovative luminaires for indoor and outdoor applications and perfectly matching lighting solutions for all requirements.

  • Reliable Quality Assurance System

    We are extremely concerned about the long-term quality and longevity of LED-based products. We have a reasonable quality assurance system; our inspectors will examine the quality seriously. We make sure that the high-quality of the final product is checked from beginning to final. Before packing, our QC inspects every batch of product.

  • Attention to Detail & Timely response

    Profit from long-term production. Because we know the products well, we can make some modifications to them to satisfy the demands of customers. Our sales work is approximately the same as yours and can be reached immediately. If you have questions or concerns, our sales representatives will be happy to assist you.

  • Application of wall lights

    The wall lamp is an ideal outdoor lighting option for walkways and stairs, which are areas where there is a high chance of falling. It is also used in interior decoration and lighting. So that you can find the perfect outdoor wall light to decorate your home, we'll show you how to make it.

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