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Zambiri zaife

Changsha Enlighten Technology Co., Ltd idadzazidwa ku Central Free Trade Zone Changsha, likulu la Chigawo cha Hunan, tili ndi zaka zopitilira 15 pakuwunikira R&D, kupanga, kuyesa, ndi kuwongolera khalidwe.

We mainly produce indoor & outdoor Kuwala kwa khoma la LED, Kuwala kwa Neon LED, LED ceiling light, LED surface mounted light, LED underground light, LED kuwala kwamunda, LED post light, interior decoration lamp, outdoor accessories, customized products, etc. All products are CE and ROHS certificated. Our products are widely used for garden park, hotel, villas, shops, home, etc.

It is our goal to help customers to receive good quality products with reasonable price, and we will be responsible for your trust. In such a society with advanced information network, the most primitive trust of human beings has become very fragile. We need each other’s trust more. No matter how small the business is, we will try our best to serve you, be sincerely, practical, and realistic.

Kuwala kumaimira chiyembekezo, ndipo timakhala ndi chiyembekezo nthawi zonse, khalani owona ku chiyembekezo choyambirira, chidzapambana nthawi zonse.

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